Rules and Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Articles/Research paper in the format must be written Maximum 3000 words including abstract, references and should be Computer typed on A-4 paper (White) in 1.5 lines space, only on one side of the paper with a margin on the left side at least 11/2 inches wide and may not be submitted elsewhere.
  2. There should be at least one-inch space on the top and bottom of the page. The type's manuscript should be clean with heading and sub-heading clearly marked out.
  3. Authors are required to submit a Soft copy of their manuscript along with the hard copy or send it by mail on under mentioned address, for reviews; we need to copies of the book one for our references and one for the reviewer.
  4. Abstract should be in 250 words (approximately).
  5. References should be given in support of well-known facts. Each reference should be typed in double space at the end of the article and all the references should be in alphabetical order. References to article/papers should include- (I). The name and initials of the author(s) (followed by a comma); in case of an edited work, the name and initials of the editor (followed by a comma) and ed (followed by a comma); (II) Full title Italicized, with capital initial for all prominent words (followed by a comma); (IV). Edition, if not the first (V) Name the publisher, place and year of publication (followed by a comma after each item except the last); and (VI). Page number (followed by a full stop). For example:
  6. The title of an article should be written in capitals. Below to it in right side author name should be written and initials with first letters in capital and other letters in small.
  7. The researcher whose article/research paper contains slide/image should insure that they send it properly via C.D. or e-mail.
  8. For manuscript in French & English- Times New Roman Font, Title 16 point, Author's name 12 point Italic black, Text 10 point, Folio 10 and Footnote 9 point.